Gus Yeager Distinguished Service Award

In 1989, the Christian Business Men's Committee of NW Ohio sponsored our first Prayer Breakfast at SeaGate Convention Centre in downtown Toledo. The man who was the visionary and who brought the idea and concept of uniting Business and Community leaders together to pray on the National Day of Prayer was Gus Yeager, a local businessman, and entrepreneur who gave of himself daily serving the Kingdom of God.

The Psalmist surely had Gus in mind when he wrote the following... "The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree. He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon planted in the house of the Lord. He will flourish in the courts of our God. He will still yield fruit in old age."

This award was created to remember Gus' contribution to the local community and to honor men and women who, like Gus, have dedicated their lives to serving Jesus in the marketplace. We intend to honor Christian marketplace leaders who have led their families well, endeavored to build their work and their organizations on Biblical, Christ-centered principles, and who have made a significant impact in the greater community and ultimately the world.

Meet Our Latest Winner:

Greg Shapiro

When did you make a decision to follow Jesus Christ and to make Him Lord of your life?

1980....After a few years of the sadness & frustration of infertility (and 8 years of marriage), Pam and I were searching for answers and decided to seek out a church. The first we visited was a good Bible-teaching mainline church where we met Christ and accepted him as Savior. It was a life-altering decision...and within 3 years we were blessed to conceive and have all three of our children!

Who was instrumental in your decision to follow Jesus?

As a younger child and into my teen years - even though I had minimal exposure to church other some summer VBS - I recall watching television preachers like Oral Roberts and Billy Graham. I believe the Holy Spirit was always drawing me towards God, even though I was 30 years old before making a truly personal commitment. My wife of 47 years, Pam, has always been beside me and our faith journeys have been parallel and in synch - for which I am very thankful. My maternal grandfather from Cloverdale, Ohio was also a godly Christian man and an example...

What changes, if any, occurred in your business, as a result of following Jesus?

Through hard work and staying humble - we have been blessed to have amazing growth over our 44-year history and numerous acquisition opportunities (12) have presented themselves...even when we weren’t looking for them. I joined my Mom and her one employee in a small home-based typesetting business in 1978 and we have grown to one of the largest commercial printing companies in the well as one of the largest independent envelope manufacturers in the Midwest....Today, we employ over 150 employees at our Northwood, Ohio complex and do work for many area ministries and non-profits.

What leaders in the Christian Community have impacted you the most in your Faith walk?

I have been fortunate to have several amazing pastors, but Doug Clay - previous Pastor at Calvary Church and now General Superintendent of the US Assemblies of God - was a major influence. Doug invested and believed in me and showed me that my gifts and talents could be used in various ministries to further the Kingdom of God in Toledo.

What wisdom have you gained as a Christian serving Jesus in the marketplace?

Mark 8:36: “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” Keep business in a Biblical perspective.....stay humble. It’s not about ME... Give God the credit! Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways acknowledge him, and He will make straight your paths”

What do you do for a living?

President of H.O.T. Graphic Services...a regional commercial printing & graphics firm. (partners with my brothers Myron and Norm for 40 years in H.O.T. AND Envelope Mart USA...wholesale-to-the-trade envelope manufacturer and other family business ventures

Do you have a linkedin page?


Do you volunteer for any things in the area or serve on any committees?

Previous Board Member: Good Samaritan Outreach Center, Cherry Street Mission Ministries, Toledo Christian Schools, Calvary Assembly of God (now Calvary Church)
Current: active member Calvary Church, including Finance Committee and Hospitality Team; Ohio Assemblies of God state HQ: Finance Committee lay member (12 years)

Please tell us about what you are passionate or gifted?

Keeping priorities straight....staying grounded and grateful...encouraging others through sharing my time, talents and resources...